Marivic and Ricky

Ma. Victoria Villegas (Marivic) has been serving as the Senior Pastor of Jesus Reigns Ministries in Los Angeles, California since 2012. Felix Villegas (Ricky) her husband serves as the head of Church Care. She and her husband reside in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California with their one and only daughter Jezreel.    


Philip and Dory Orioste

Philip Orioste serves as Associate Pastor of Jesus Reigns Ministries in LA. He started Jesus Reigns Ministries in LA 2003 with his wife Dory Orioste. Rhodora Orioste (Dory) serves as Evangelism and Mission Head. They have three children Gabriel, Jasmine and Elizabeth, reside in Maplewood Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca.

Lourdes Hernandez

Lourdes Hernandez serves as head of prayer group with Garlin Gatchalian as her assistant.


Elen Ranara

Elen Ranara serves as Band Chairwoman.

Vic Orioste

Vic Orioste serves as head of Facility Management.

Rosalie Cabral

Rosalie Cabral Sally) serves as church Secretary and Media Head with Connie Gesmundo and Rose Adriatico.   

Alex Payuyo

Alex Payuyo serves as head of Audio.