Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is a team of dedicated men and women of God tasked to oversee the affairs of the Church.


The Administration Team performs different functions necessary for the operation of JRM-LA. Meet these men and women who honor the Lord with their time.




Our church is passionate about declaring the beauty and glory of God through music. Our hearts burn to see a family of believers who love to worship.

Prayer and Fasting

We are seeking to continue empowering young adults to excel in the field of ministries God has called them. Lourdes Hernandez serves as the head of prayer group with Garlin Gatchalian as her assistant.

Sunday School

We believe that Sunday School is a place for nurturing future leaders. Our team is composed of Rose Adriatico, Biena Payuyo and Alice Santos. Marivic Villegas is the head of Education Ministry.

Facility Management

Being true to our calling, we take good care of our facilities and equipment. We acknowledge that all we have as a ministry has been entrusted to us and it is our job to take good care of what we use in the ministry.

Church Care

Our goal is to develop a strong community of believers who are passionate for the Kingdom of God. Church Care Ministry ensures that we stay true to that goal. Felix Villegas is the head of the Church Care Ministry.

Evangelism and Mission

At the core of the church is the desire to win souls for Jesus, to introduce mo people into His eternal love. We engage with people and share Jesus through the evangelism and mission ministry. Rhodora Orioste is the head of this ministry.